Research Services

The MUSC College of Nursing Office of Research and Evaluation is devoted to the development and utilization of nursing research. The Office is a centralized resource with the overall goal of enhancing the research potential of the College of Nursing faculty and students.

How can the Office of Research help you?

  • Assist with the preparation and submission of funding requests to federal and state agencies and institutes, foundations, and other funding sources
  • Clarify submission requirements and guidelines from potential funding agencies
  • Identify and explore research funding opportunities based on faculty goals and objectives
  • Provide support for externally funded faculty research and community collaborative projects, grants, contracts and cooperative arrangements
  • Provide statistical and methodological assistance during proposal writing process
  • Provide institutional information
  • Critique proposal internally
  • Provide external review
  • Assist with budget, budget narrative, management plan
  • Complete all forms: face page, blue sheet, biosketches, assurances, etc.
  • Assist in preparing final document
  • Secure appropriate signatures
  • Mail (express mail/electronic submission)
  • Assist with IRB requirements

Grant Submission Intent Form (pdf)
Grant Submission Checklist (doc)
Grant Prep Support (pdf)

What will you, as faculty, need to do to support the research process?

  • Read the RFP/PA
  • Discuss your project with Associate Dean for Research
  • Secure approval from Associate Dean for Research and Associate Dean for Faculty
  • Before meeting with the Associate Deans, ask yourself these questions:
    • How much of my time will be required for my research?
    • Is there potential for interdisciplinary collaboration?
    • Are cost-sharing/matching funds required or allowable?
    • Can my research goals be achieved with the amount of allowable funding?
    • Do I need equipment? What is and is not allowed?
    • How will the project be sustained after the grant period ends?

Additional points for researchers

  • As you write your narrative, remember to follow guidelines closely; proposals are being returned without review if they do not follow instructions.
  • Create your preliminary budget.
  • Develop objectives/outcomes.
  • Remember that all grant proposals, contracts and cooperative agreements must have University clearance through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 10 working days prior to submission deadline