College of Nursing Faculty and Staff

College of Nursing Faculty - Faculty Directory

The faculty of the College of Nursing is comprised of expert educators, clinicians, and researchers. Our faculty members serve in leadership positions of multiple professional organizations at the state, regional, national, and international levels. Our practice and research foci are on health disparities, and we have faculty experts in the specialty areas of neonatology, pediatrics, women’s health, nurse midwifery, adult, gerontology, psychiatry, parish nursing and palliative care. Faculty are committed to providing our students with the resources of teaching, practice, and research expertise. Faculty role model life-long learning through ongoing participation in faculty development programs on a variety of topics. Collaboration among faculty on many research and scholarly projects provides multiple opportunities for students to be mentored to promote their individual learning.

College of Nursing Staff - Staff Directory

The staff of the College of Nursing participate in every aspect of the College’s mission. They have varied and complementary areas of expertise and their activities are essential to the success of our College. Staff have the opportunity to interact directly with faculty and administrators in the College, and are encouraged to contribute to strategic goals and actions. The College supports the ongoing development of staff and makes available learning opportunities to enhance existing skills and the development of new ones.

College of Nursing Emeritus - Emeritus Directory

Emeritus is an honorary title for a faculty member retiring from active university service. This rank recognizes distinguished service to the institution and is conferred upon a faculty member when he/she retires by the executive vice president for academic affairs and provost upon the recommendation of the department chair and dean of the respective college, following approval from the Board of Trustees.