Am I able to visit campus to learn more about this program? 

We do offer a campus virtual tour and multiple information sessions to educate prospective students about the programs we offer in the College of Nursing. For more information on current sessions and when tours will resume, please visit our campus tours page.

What prerequisite courses are needed for admission? 

This site lists the prerequisite coursework for College of Nursing students: BSN Prerequisites

How do I determine which courses will meet the prerequisite coursework and transfer to the College of Nursing?

Many prospective students find it helpful to request an unofficial transcript evaluation. Please scan and e-mail your transcripts to

If I am still enrolled in prerequisite coursework, can I still apply?

Yes, coursework may be in progress when you make application to the College of Nursing. It must be completed with a grade of “C” or better prior to your matriculation (or start) date at the College of Nursing. However, three of the four science courses must be completed at the time of application. The four science courses are Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and a science elective.

Students may not begin their nursing coursework without having all prerequisite coursework completed.

How do I apply for admission?

MUSC College of Nursing participates in an online Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS) to receive applications. You must create an account, search for this program for your intended semester of entry, and complete the required steps to apply online. All application materials must be submitted through NursingCAS.

A supplemental university application, through MUSC’s Office of Enrollment Management, is also required. We encourage applicants to finish the application within NursingCAS before submitting the supplemental MUSC application.

What is required for the admission packet?

The application, the application fee, official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (even if it was just one course), three completed reference forms (provided with the application), a resume highlighting your related work or volunteer experience, and a response to a short 100 word essay. The current essay asks applicants to respond to this statement: “Share how you would contribute to the diversity of nursing.”

May I submit reference letters instead of forms?

No, we must receive the official reference forms. Generally, we prefer academic and/or professional references. These forms will be available when you begin the application process. They may be sent to the person providing the reference electronically or you may download and provide to the reference personally.

How are admission decisions made?

Grades are 75% of the admission decision-making. The cumulative GPA which is all attempts at all coursework at all institutions is weighted the heaviest, 30%. MUSC does not have a forgiveness policy, so retaking courses is often not helpful. Applicants receive value-added points for related work, volunteer, and military experience. The references are indexed and scored, and the essay is scored.  No standardized test score is required. There is no interview process.

What is the average GPA of admitted students?

Each admission cycle, we admit students with the full 3.0-4.0 GPA range. The average cumulative GPA is generally a 3.4.

Do you practice a waiting list?

No, our admissions process is competitive and students are either accepted or rejected for admission. Some students may be placed on an alternate list. Students who are rejected may request an overview of their application to determine whether they should re-apply for the next admission cycle.

Do you accept out-of-state students?

Yes. Tuition and fees are higher for out-of-state residents.

Why are out-of-state students required to pay a confirmation fee?

The Accelerated BSN program at MUSC is one of the top programs in the country with a competitive entry, particularly for out-of-state students. Because there is a large out-of-state applicant pool and we have limited enrollment, we must be assured that those out-of-state students who are accepted to our program actually attend. Therefore all out-of-state students who matriculate are required to pay a one- time, non-refundable confirmation fee of $1,000 that will be applied directly to the student’s first semester tuition charges. The deposit confirms the intention of the accepted out-of-state applicant to enroll and secures a place in the Accelerated BSN program. The confirmation fee for accepted out-of-state students is due by the date stipulated in the program acceptance letter and is non-refundable. If a student pays the confirmation fee and does not enroll in the program, the confirmation fee is forfeited.

How do I become a SC resident?

Residency is determined by the Office of Enrollment Management. For more information, please visit this site.

Do you accept international students?

No. Due to several distance-education components of this program, MUSC is unable to issue- I-20 forms to allow students to obtain F-1 student visas. Only U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and those holding other valid U.S. visas will be accepted.

Do you have any programs for veterans?

Yes, please go to this site for additional information see Veterans site.

Is financial aid available?

Tuition and fees are reviewed annually and approved by the MUSC Board of Trustees. Please go to this site for a comprehensive student budget.

For more information about financial aid.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are available to students who have completed a FAFSA and short College of Nursing scholarship application. They are awarded based on need, academic merit, and scholarship criteria after a student has been admitted to the College of Nursing.  Generally, most scholarship awards are one-time for $1000-2000. Most second degree students find they must secure private loans to pay for a second bachelor’s degree. 

Can I enroll part-time?

No, all students are admitted to the BSN program full-time.

Can I work while I am enrolled in the program?

Students are discouraged from working while they are enrolled in the program. Some students find after they complete their first semester of nursing coursework, they can work a minimal number of hours per week as a nursing extern or tech. Essentially, the program will require your full attention each day either in the classroom or clinical areas. There may be some evening or weekend clinical experiences as well.

Do you have on-campus housing?

No, MUSC is an academic health science center and does not provide student housing. There is an excellent Office of Off-campus Housing which will provide you with information about the Charleston area, and even coordinates “room-mate finder” parties. For more information, go to

If I intend to move after completing my program at MUSC, how will I obtain licensure in another state?

The Board of Nursing for each state dictates licensure requirements for Registered Nurses. MUSC College of Nursing applicants and students should familiarize themselves with the requirements for the state(s) in which they intend to practice using this site. During your final semester, the Director of Students Services and Alumni Affairs will present information on endorsement, testing, and licensure. ABSN graduates will be eligible to sit for national licensure (NCLEX-RN).