DNP Palliative Care

CON Palliative Care Education


This program focuses on the care of individuals with life-threatening, progressive illness, emphasizing respect for patients’ and families’ beliefs, values, and choices. Additionally, students will identify a problem in palliative care and address it with evidence-based practice and quality improvement principles. 

MUSC Post-Master’s DNP in Palliative Care prepares students to:

  • Become a leader among advanced practice nurses. Meet all requirements to sit for the Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (ACHPN) exam including both didactic and clinical hours.
  • Demonstrate expertise in advanced nursing practice roles based on mastery of a specialized area of knowledge relative to palliative care that is derived from a strong scientific foundation.
  • Evaluate local community and national palliative and hospice care resources for their relevance as an adjunct to care in the management of chronic and advanced pediatric illnesses.
  • Integrate professional, legal, moral, and ethical standards into practice and care of patients on a palliative care trajectory
Year 1   Fall
NRDNP 860 Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Health Care 4 sh (4,0,0)
NRDNP 873 Scientific Underpinnings IV
3 sh (3,0,0)
NRDNP 850  Organizational Theory and Health Care Systems 3 sh (3,0,0)
Year 1   Spring
NRDNP 846  Frameworks for Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration 3 sh (3,0,0)
NRDNP 858 Evidence-Based Practice, Quality and Safety  3 sh (3,0,0)
NRDNP 874 Palliative Care Management I 3 sh (0,3,0)
Year 1   Summer
NRDNP 830 Applied Health Care Economics and Finance  3 sh (3,0,0)
NRDNP 875 Palliative Care II 3 sh (0,3,0)
NRDNP 862 Practice Inquiry and IRB 3 sh (3,0,0)
Year 2   Fall
NRDNP 836 Informatics in Health Care Delivery  3 sh (3,0,0)
NRDNP 890 Residency 5 sh (1,0,4)
Year 2   Spring
NRDNP 890 Residency
5 sh (1,0,4)
NRPHD 708 Advanced Health Policy and Advocacy 3 sh

Minimum DNP course work  44 sh (30,6,8)

sh=semester hour. Semester hour to clock hour ratio: Didactic, 1:1; seminar, 1:2; practicum, 1:3

3(3, 0, 0) = (3 sh didactic, 0 sh seminar, 0 sh practicum) = 3 sh total

Graduate students can elect to add Nurse Educator courses to include NURSM 615, NURSM 703, NURSM 713 and NRPHD 800. Additional palliative care clinical hours may also be added dependent on individual student goals/needs with the course NRDNP 876.

Admission Requirements