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Accelerated BSN

Program Overview

Recent MUSC College of Nursing NCLEX-RN Pass Rates

  • 2022 - 1st Quarter First Time Pass Rate: 97.26%
  • 2022 - 2nd Quarter First Time Pass Rate: 100%
  • 2021 - Overall First Time Pass Rate: 98.39%
  • 2020 - Overall First Time Pass Rate: 97.83%

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program is a 16 month, four consecutive semester program, which includes a summer semester. It is an on-campus program, with classroom, clinical, and lab components. MUSC is an academic health science center environment, and the other Colleges on campus are Medicine, Graduate Studies, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Health Professions. There are interprofessional academic and extracurricular activities.

The baccalaureate program focuses on the knowledge, skills, and values deemed essential for professional nursing practice in today's multifaceted health care system. As a BSN-prepared nurse, graduates may work in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, community agencies, health clinics, long term care facilities and private practices. Special focus is given to leadership, care coordination and communication skills. Teaching styles are diverse, and include classroom instruction, on-line instruction, and a combination of classroom and on-line activities. Many faculty use a "flipped classroom" approach, utilizing case studies and student discussions and problem-solving. Students are expected to be prepared and interactive for all teaching styles. The baccalaureate program also provides a foundation for graduate study in nursing. MUSC offers the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy degrees (DNP or PhD). Our graduate programs are online.

The student who enters the nursing program is prepared for upper division course work and brings knowledge of the humanities and the natural and social sciences as a basis for study in the nursing major. Students learn to apply concepts and principles to clinical practice and gain experience doing so with individuals, families, and populations in a variety of health care systems. Opportunities to practice nursing with persons of all ages, including those who are healthy as well as those who are experiencing health alterations are available. The leadership role of the nurse as a contributing member of the profession and the values and behaviors that reflect professional commitment to society are emphasized throughout the program.

Our students have diverse backgrounds and bring a richness to the learning environment. While approximately 72% of our students do have a bachelor's degree in another area, it is not required to have a bachelor's degree for admission. We do not have a preference for college majors and have not seen any difference in the performance of students with a science background versus a liberal arts background. Some students apply and are admitted with only the 60 semester hours of prerequisite coursework. MUSC does not offer the prerequisites, and we do not have a preference where they are taken as long as the school is regionally accredited and the courses meet the minimum course content requirements.

The BSN Program has two application deadlines annually -- September 15th for Spring admission, and January 15th for Fall admission.

Grades are 75% of the overall admission decision-making. The cumulative GPA is weighted the heaviest, and this is all attempts at all coursework. MUSC does not have a forgiveness policy, so all attempts at all coursework is calculated into this GPA. The Admissions Committee also reviews related work or volunteer experience, military experience, references, and a short 100 word essay. No pre-admission testing is required, such as the GRE, SAT, or TEAS.

Admission is handled through the Office of Enrollment Management. On this site you will find information about admissions and financial aid. There are links to information for future applicants, those ready to apply, and current applicants. Anna Goodwin is the nursing admissions specialist who will be receiving and processing your application. She may be reached at This site also has information about residency, financial aid, tuition and fees, and instructions for international applicants.

International Applicants

Due to several distance-education components of this program, MUSC is unable to issue- I-20 forms to allow students to obtain F-1 student visas. Only U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and those holding other valid U.S. visas will be accepted.