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Dean's Office

The Office of the Dean strives to provide quality service and a warm environment for all constituents of the College of Nursing, including faculty, staff, and students.

durham headshot

Catherine Durham

photo of Jo Smith

Jo Smith
Exec. Assistant to the Dean

photo of Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner
Communications & Marketing Director

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Development Director

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Isabelle Livoti
Development Coordinator

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Finance and Human Resources

Oversees the directing and managing of the financial and business operations of the College.

photo Mary Evelyn Armstrong

Mary Evelyn Armstrong
Assistant Dean

photo of Lauryn Ward

Lauryn Ward
Business Manager

photo of Kathy Williams

Kathy Williams

photo of Mary Catherine Williams

Mary Catherine Williams
Business Manager

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Jenny Converse-Dodd
Accounting Operations Manager

photo of Rosalba Adrian

Rosalba Adrian
Faculty Compliance Manager

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Iris Majer
Administrative Coordinator I

photo of Julie Horton

Julie Horton
Administrative Coordinator I

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Oversees the directing and managing the grants operations of the College of Nursing.

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez
Grants Manager

photo of Kathy Franks

Kathy Franks

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Oversees the directing and managing of the financial and purchasing operations of the College of Nursing.

photo of Leona Frazier

Leona Frazier
Fiscal Analyst

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Meredith Kerr
Fiscal Analyst

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Nursing Technology Center

The Nursing Technology Center (NTC) is responsible for seamlessly integrating educational technologies to enhance the productivity and educational experience of the college's students, faculty, and staff.

photo of Brian Getsinger

Brian Getsinger

photo of Shane Petry

Shane Petry
IT Business Analyst II

photo of Joshua Goodwin

Josh Goodwin
Multimedia Content Developer

photo of Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel
Curriculum Coordinator

photo of Tamia Starling

Tamia Starling
Business Analyst I

photo of Devin Brown

Devin Brown
Web Developer

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Office of Academics

Oversees the College of Nursing academic nursing programs, including faculty and student affairs and program coordination.

stephens headshot 

Tese Stephens
Interim Associate Dean

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Alexis Williams
SIM Assistant

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Student Services

The College of Nursing Office of Student Services provides comprehensive assistance to prospective and current students for various needs. We coordinate student recruitment, admission, orientation, progression, and graduation.

Jessica Krasny

Jessica Williams

evans headshot

Alex Evans
Compliance and Eval. Officer


Sonya Smalls
Database Administrator

Kimrey Stump

Kimrey Stump
Program Coordinator

photo of Dajihnee Thompson

Dajihnee Thompson
Student Recruiter

Diane Dougherty 

Diane Dougherty
Clinical Education Manager

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Undergraduate Programs

Oversees the College of Nursing's ABSN and RN-BSN nursing programs.

poston headshot

Kristen McDaniel Poston
Assistant Dean

Anne Marie Guerriero

Anne Marie Guerriero
Program Coordinator

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Graduate Programs

Oversees the College of Nursing's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Ph.D. in Nursing Science nursing programs.

williams headshot

Amy Williams
Interim Assistant Dean of the Graduate Practice Program

newman headshot

Susan Newman
Assistant Dean for Ph.D. in Nursing Science Program

Joan Hilton 

Joan Hilton
Program Coordinator

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Research and Ph.D. Studies

Oversees the College of Nursing in research, evaluation, and doctoral education. Fosters and facilitates the scholarly efforts of faculty and students.

kelechi headshot

Teresa Kelechi
Associate Dean for Research and Ph.D. Studies

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Raquel Vining
Grants Administrator

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Alexis Nagel
Grant Writer

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Practice and Community Engagement

Oversees managing all facets of faculty practice, including development, coordination, faculty clinical contractual arrangements, and resource development.

fowler headshot

Terri Fowler
Associate Dean


Simone Chinnis
Community Engagement Director

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Grants and Projects

Oversees the directing and managing of grant and project operations of the College of Nursing.

photo of Gabriela Ruiz-Coss

Gabriela Ruiz-Coss
Program Coordinator

Tonya Hazelton

Tonya Hazelton
Program Manager/TACHL

photo of Mary Chris Pittman

Mary Chris Pittman
Program Coordinator

photo of Ebony Powell

Ebonie Powell
Program Coordinator I - TRRP

photo of Theresa Skojec

Theresa Skojec
Program Manager and Lead Program Clinician - TRRP

photo Sarah German

Sarah German
RG Program Assistant

photo of Wendi Norris 

Wendi Norris
Human Services Coordinator I, SC Safe Seniors

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Lorena Cervantes
Healthy Steps Specialist

No Image Provided

Sarah Chambers
TRRP Program Coordinator

No Image Provided

Cristina Holtz-Crosby
Healthy Steps Specialist

No Image Provided

Kari Roever
Program Assistant

No Image Provided

Sarah Szafranski
Program Coordinator

No Image Provided

Sarah Schettler
Human Services Coordinator II - LPC TRRP

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Margie Prentice
Program Coordinator II

No Image Provided

Gabriela Becerra
Program Assistant

No Image Provided

Andrew Cripps
SC Seniors Program Coordinator I

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