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Software & Computer Requirements for Nursing Students


Windows (PC)



MS Office 2013 - 2016

  • This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint although you may not be required to use Excel

MS Office for Mac 2011- 2016

Office 365

Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF Reader)

  • Many of the documents shared with students are in pdf format. You will need this software to download and read these documents.The program can be downloaded for free

Standard on Mac


If you plan to purchase a new computer, please take this information with you and show it to the person who will be helping you. MUSC Innovation Station can assist you in purchasing a new computer at a discounted rate. 

Classroom desks located in the College of Nursing are not outfitted with power outlets.  This is intentional as the desks can be moved and reconfigured for flexible use. In order to assure you have adequate power to sustain your laptops over the course of a day, it is highly recommended that students purchase and bring with them to class a portable battery charger.

Windows (PC)



Operating System

Microsoft® Windows 10®

Apple Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave™) or Higher

iPad - 6th Generation or higher

Memory: 8 GB RAM, minimum free hard drive space 512 GB.

Where to find this information on your computer

Windows (PC)


· Go to the “Start” menu in the lower left corner & click on “My Computer”

· At the top of the column to the left click on “view system information”

· On the “general” tab, you will find system & processor. Close that window.

· On the “My Computer” screen that is still open, right click on “Local Disk (C:) & click on “Properties”. Here you will find the total disk space available/used.

· In the upper left hand corner, click on the apple icon.

· Click on “About this Mac”. Here you will see the OS version, processor, and memory.

· For available disk space, open finder and right click on your Macintosh HD. Then click “Get Info” you should see Capacity, Available and Used.

Web browser

Mozilla Firefox(most recent version) – required for using Harbor.

Free download

You can continue to use Internet Explorer or other browser for personal emails, but Firefox is recommended for Harbor.

Additional Requirements for Undergraduate Students:

RN-BSN and ABSN students

  • Built in Webcam and microphone (or attachable version)

Additional Requirements for Graduate Students:

PhD, MSN and DNP students

  • Built in Webcam and microphone (or attachable version)

MSN and DNP Students

Handheld technology

Post-BSN MSN and DNP students are required to have a handheld device to use starting with Advanced Pharmacotherpeutics course and throughout the clinical experiences. If you are contemplating the purchase of a new handheld device (Smartphone), please peruse the system requirements and hardware compatibility for the required software packages listed below that will be used during your program. Pay particular attention to the type of device (iPhone, Android, etc.), the operating system (Windows, or Mac) and the memory.

Typhon clinical logs – required to track patient data during your clinical experiences.  There is a one-time fee ($75) for this online software that Post-BSN MSN and DNP students will have access to when they begin your first clinical course and when Post-MSN DNP student begin their first Residency course.


Lexi-Comp- Comprehensive clinical solutions software

Lexi-Comp is required for NRDNP 842-Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics (not required for Post-MSN DNP students).  Students can purchase a one-year lease to use for NRDNP 842 and can use Epocrates (below) for clinical courses taken after the pharm course, if they choose, or students can purchase a three-year lease for Lexi-Comp and continue to use it for clinical courses.

Guide to choosing a handheld device compatible with their software

            Another option to use during clinical courses


Product comparison including price

EndNote and RefWorks

A Citation/Reference manager is recommended to manage your citation as well as assist with in-text citations and a reference list. The Library supports EndNote and RefWorks. During orientation, the Library will assist with downloading EndNote from MUSC IS to make sure you are able to retrieve full text articles.