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Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Compliance

Congratulations on your acceptance into the College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina! 

We look forward to you meeting you at mini-orientation held at the MUSC Campus in Charleston, SC.  Please review this page for important information that will assist you in getting ready for the start of classes.

Important New Student Items

Please read below about various compliance items that are required for new students.  We encourage you to get a step ahead prior to the start of classes so the process will be smoother and less stressful on you. 

NetID and MUSC Email

Once you've matriculated, you will receive an email about your NetID which provides you access to computers and servers on MUSC's campus-wide network.  It is sent to the personal email address that was indicated on your application.  Please make sure to check your spam email folder in case it was recognized as that.  After 48 hours of the first email, you will receive another email with your password.  There will be instructions in that email about how to activate your NetID.  Once you activate your NetID, you will get a third email which contains information about your MUSC email account and other important web sites. If you are already a MUSC employee, you can use your current NetID.  If you have questions about the process, please send an email to  You must have your NetID activated prior to orientation and to have access to E-Value, Moodlerooms,, and MyQuest (all listed below.)

Please make sure to check your MUSC email once you have gotten notification that your account has been set-up.  You can check MUSC email by going to this link

Life at MUSC allows you to access information about your academic career contained within the MUSC administrative database. This is where you can check your student accounting information, course schedule, as well as your plan of study. It is found within the Student Life website:  The link is and all functions are found on the right hand side of the webpage under Self Service menu.

Moodle Orientation

Moodle is the learning management system for the College of Nursing that you will use to access your courses.  An orientation of Moodlerooms must be completed, and when the orientation is available for you to complete (after you receive your MNA ID and access Moodle), the link will be provided with the due date.  


E*Value is an online software system/database that is used by students to upload necessary forms and requirements that are to be tracked by the College of Nursing.  It is also used for students to complete online evaluations for courses and instructors.  You will have access to E*Value at a later date, at which time you will be notified via email.  You can log into E*Value at with your NetID and Password.   Please do not upload any items into E-Value until instructions are provided to you by our Compliance and Evaluation Officer, Ms. Alex Evans.

The following requirements must be uploaded to E*Value. 

Handbook Acknowledgment and Understanding Form
ALL students are required to complete and upload into E*Value the Handbook Acknowledgment and Understanding Form indicating that you have read the Student Handbook and know where to access it when updates are made. The College of Nursing Student Handbook is located here

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

All RN-BSN, ABSN, MSN and DNP students must have a current BLS Certification while enrolled at the College of Nursing. To ensure appropriate level of safe care and professional responsibility to clinical sites. All College of Nursing students must be BLS certified as a Health Care Provider through one of the following:

  1.  American Heart Association(AHA). Courses can be scheduled through the students’ local AHA. The AHA does provide an alternate method to classroom BLS. The student registers for BLS Part 1 from Once the course is completed, the participant must schedule a skills check-off with an authorized AHA BLS Instructor.
  2. American Red Cross (ARC). Courses can be scheduled through this weblink:
  3.  The only other AHA or ARC equivalent organization accepted is through the Military Training Network.

New students should provide documentation of their certification prior to enrolling in courses. Continuing students should provide documentation at the time of recertification.

Students will receive electronic notification 30 days prior to their CPR expiration date that recertification is due. Documentation should be uploaded into the online compliance management system. A student who does not upload current BLS certification will not be able to attend class, log in to online coursework or attend clinical.

MyQuest Compliance Modules

All College of Nursing students must complete MyQuest compliance modules.  You will be sent an email to your MUSC email account once these modules are available for you to complete.  These modules are completed annually after you are enrolled.

SC Passport (Carelearning)

SC Passport is a resource that enables students to complete their clinicals in a variety of healthcare facilities within the state of SC.  These modules are separate from the internal MUSC MyQuest modules.  These modules will be completed once upon enrollment and again the next year in order to cover you for the remainder of your time in the program.  You can create your account at and access your account later at  Be sure to select MUSC College of Nursing as your school and write down your Username and Password.  There is a fee of $10 in order for you to create your account.  You must complete the following modules:

Abuse and Neglect                
Bloodborne Pathogens        
Disaster Preparedness          
Electrical Safety    
Fire Safety              
Hand Hygiene        
Hazard Communication      
Isolation and Standard Precautions  
Lewis Blackman Patient Safety Act                  
Moving, Lifting and Repetitive Motion            
Culturally Competent Care  

Note:  These modules must be added and completed by each MUSC CON ABSN student.              
MUSC Medical Center Orientation    
Roper St. Francis Hospital
Trident Health Clinical Documentation
Trident Health Code of Conduct
Trident Health Exhibits A and B

Once you have completed the required modules, print and save your transcript to a PDF.  Once you have the PDF saved, go to E*Value and Upload it for review by Ms. Evans.  Failure to complete these modules will make you ineligible for clinical placement.

Student Health Packet
All students entering the Medical University of South Carolina must provide proof of immunizations and are required to have health insurance in the event of illness or injury.  Please refer to the Student Health Services pages for information on requirements and instructions. Students not meeting these requirements will not be enrolled in classes.  If you are currently a MUSC employee, you must have your files transferred from Employee Health Services to Student Health Services (they will not automatically do this for you.) 

Drug Screen Test
A nine panel drug screen test is now required for ALL College of Nursing students, including prior MUSC students.  Once you have matriculated and been notified to do so, you will be able to schedule a drug test through Employee Health Services. If you are an out of state student and cannot come to campus to complete your drug screen, please email Ms. Evans your full name, home address, phone number and driver’s license number and we will get a packet sent to you with information on where you can get your drug screen completed.   Her email is

You can find information for many of these offices on the College of Nursing Campus Resources page here