Student Uniform Requirements

College of Nursing Student Uniforms

In recognition of the educational and professional environment of MUSC, all individuals associated with the institution are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times.

MUSC College of Nursing has an agreement with Meridy’s Uniform company to provide proper white scrubs and skills bags for all students. MUSC College of Nursing students are required to purchase two tops, two pants, a skills bag and a short consultation coat for use throughout the program from Meridy’s. No other brand or style of uniform is approved for clinical and lab settings other than what is provided through the select access codes on Meridy’s website. You can find the Meridy’s website at Once on the website, click the "student" tab then enter the appropriate code listed below. 

Students will be required to purchase all white shoes as a part of their uniform. These shoes must be closed toe and completely white.

Please use the passcode MUSC66 to access our selection of uniforms. Uniforms must be purchased by the deadline listed on your checklist to ensure time for delivery and resizing if needed. You will need two shirts, pants, and one lab coat. Other items are also offered on the Meridy's site for your convenience. 

Skills Bags
Please use passcode SP66 to access our skills packs for this program. Skills packs must be purchased by the deadline listed on your checklist to ensure time for delivery. Your skills pack will be delivered directly to MUSC College of Nursing and distributed during your first week of orientation.

For any questions, please contact Meridy’s directly at 1-800-237-9164.