Student Uniform Requirements

College of Nursing Student Uniforms

In recognition of the educational and professional environment of the Medical University of South Carolina, all individuals associated with this institution are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. MUSC College of Nursing has entered an agreement with Meridy’s Uniform company to provide proper white scrubs for our students. 

Students are required to purchase two tops, two pants and a short consultation coat for use during the program from Meridy’s. Deadline for uniform purchase is July 29, 2019.

To order your uniforms, go to Meridys online store. Enter passcode: MUSC66. Contact Meridy’s customer service at or 1-800-237-9164 with questions about ordering uniforms and sizes. 

In addition to your uniforms, students are required to purchase the Nursing Equipment Kit from the MUSC Bookstore. Select the CON Student Equipment Kit-Fall 2019. Your skills bag will be available for pick-up the week of orientation from the MUSC Bookstore. When you order your bag make your best guess as to glove size. Please try on your gloves when you pick up your skills bag to ensure that you have the proper size. Gloves that do not fit properly increase the difficulty of your clinical practice.