Diversity-focused Organizations

Our organizations are open to all students, and the College of Nursing does not exclude any students based on race, ethnicity or gender. 

Multicultural Student Nursing Organization (MSNA)

The purpose of MSNA is to serve as a platform for cultural exchange among all students in the College of Nursing regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or socio-economic status. An over-arching goal of MSNA is the recruitment and retention of a diverse group of students via study groups, professional affiliation "Buddy Mentoring" and community services. MSNA is open to all CON students and meet the last Monday of each month.  Membership fee is $15.00.

Men in Nursing

To provide support and encouragement for males who decide to go into nursing Berry Anderson, Ph.D., RN formed the MUSC Men in Nursing group. Anderson, assistant professor and current president of Men in Nursing, founded the group in hopes of decreasing the stigma of men entering the nursing field. The group connects male nursing students with male nurses throughout MUSC who can offer words of encouragement. The connection fosters professional development that enhances teaching and learning. Men in Nursing promotes positive interactions between student nurses and registered nurses to foster professional development, role modeling, and support among men in the nursing field. Open to all, the group regularly hosts social events and organizes shark-fishing trips. Members meet every other month. If you are interested in joining Men in Nursing, contact Berry Anderson Ph.D.