Scholarship Thank You Sample

Sending a scholarship thank you letter to the donor who awarded you a scholarship is imperative. Doing so communicates your sincere gratitude for the donor’s generosity and reflects very positively on you as the scholarship recipient.

When writing a scholarship thank you letter remember to include a few details about yourself. Donors often like to know something about the students they are helping and how their financial assistance is contributing to their growth and development.

Share a bit about your personal life, for instance where you grew up, your family, your choice to enter the nursing profession, and what you hope to do following graduation.

Check it for spelling or grammar errors, and ask a third party to read it. Once you have written your letter, please bring it to the Development Associate and it will be forwarded to the donor. You may be asked to meet with the donor at some point in your academic career.

Sample Letter

Dear _________,

As the recipient of the -------- Scholarship, I appreciate your generosity and the chance to thank you for this financial assistance.

I have a previous degree from _____ College (University) in ________. As a second degree student and having been on my own financially for a few years, the decision to quit work and return to school to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse was a difficult one. It has meant many sacrifices for me, even though I know ultimately my career and personal satisfaction will be much greater.

My future plans include earning my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at MUSC and eventually working with patients in a community setting. I am specifically interested in providing care to the elderly and helping them with their complex health problems.

Thank you for this gift. It has helped alleviate some of my financial obstacles as I work toward my career and personal goals.