Stethoscope 2018

Organizations & Leadership

Student Representation on CON Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:

  • Maggie Fiorenza
  • Anna Mendenhall

Research Committee:

  • Leila Forney (PhD student)
  • Kim Pickett (DNP student)
  • Maria Ingraham (non-doctoral student)

Diversity & Inclusion Council:

  • TBD (BSN student)
  • Marcelaine Haire (DNP student)

PhD Committee:

  • Logan Camp-Spivey
  • Katrina Wu

Graduate Curriculum Committee

  • Chelsea Taylor
  • Elizabeth Lee

MUSC Honor Code

January 2018 Honor Council


Vice President: Callie Powell



  • Erin Bell
  • Jamie Easterling
  • Meghan West
  • Morgan Lorick
  • Ashley Valipour
  • Donna Williams
  • Jane Purser

PhD Students

  • Matt Couture
  • Cherie Hauck
  • Heather Jackson


  • Michelle Nichols, Ph.D., R.N. , Faculty Advisor
  • Cathy Durham, DNP
  • Felesia Bown, PhD, DNP
  • Kristen Poston, DNP
  • Angela Stanley, DNP

*Officers & Representatives

The Student Nurses Association is a preprofessional nursing student organization. The goal is to introduce nursing students to their future career by providing leadership opportunities and educational advancement. Student Nurses' Association By-Laws

2019 Officers

Christian Myers, President
Hailey Gobin, Vice President
Waverly Walthall, Secretary
Hope Beebe, Treasurer
Lauren Drake, Historian/Elections Director
Morgan Tasker, Breakthrough to Nursing
Olivia Hobbs, Community Service Director
Lacy Jones, Diversity and Inclusion Director
David Eckhardt, Men in Nursing Director


Casey Long & Caroline Osburn(3rd semester)

Anna Sipe & Jin Ayer(2nd semester)

National Student Nurses Association
Student Nurses Association of South Carolina

The College of Nursing Student Government Association works on behalf of the students by facilitating the exchange of information of ideas between students, faculty, and administration; representing student opinions, needs, and interests. College of Nursing Student Government Association By-Laws


  • take action to increase the quality of student services and academic programs to further enhance the education of students
  • plan and execute a variety of social, cultural, and recreational events to promote fellowship, personal growth, and interaction with MUSC students and the university community, and
  • maintain a budget with all the allocated funds to serve the MUSC student body most efficiently.

2019 Student Government Officers
Peace Ajukwa, President
Rachel Sampson, Vice President
Chelsea Berry, Treasurer
Waverely Walthall, Social Coordinator
Angelette Weaver, Secretary
Meera Shah, 2nd Semester Representative
Cassidy Hess, 3rd Semester Representative

Advisor: Dr. Kristen Poston

University-wide and college-related student organizations offer College of Nursing students opportunities to develop their leadership skills; to serve their fellow students, the Charleston community; and/or their profession; to explore new and old interests; and to have a good time with other involved students, staff, and faculty.

Nursing students are expected to demonstrate professional leadership as part of their learning experience. Below is a sample of nursing student leadership opportunities:


  • Alliance for Hispanic Health
  • Bahai Association of MUSC
  • Crisis Ministries
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Humanitas
  • International Student Organization
  • Intramural
  • Jewish Association
  • Medical Campus Outreach
  • Medical History Club
  • Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board
  • MUSC Gives Back
  • MUSC Student Government Association
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Presidential Scholars
  • Public Health Interest Group

College of Nursing

  • College of Nursing Student Government Association
  • Hispanic Health Initiative Scholars
  • Honor Council
  • Research Honors Practicum
  • Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society
  • Student Nurse's Association
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Program Committees
  • Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Committee