Graduate Programs Orientation


New student orientation for graduate students will be held in July. All orientation activities are required and are designed to ease your transition into the program and welcome you to MUSC. A detailed schedule and onboarding packet will be sent to you via email prior to orientation. A virtual option will also be available.

DNP Orientation – July 21-22, 2021

PhD Orientation – July 19-23, 2021

Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Madeline Scully, with questions.

Nursing Program Technology Requirements

Students must have access to a computer configured to use online network transmissions for email and access the internet. A laptop computer is required and must meet the College of Nursing technology requirements.

Refer to the Nursing Technology Requirements page to review all hardware and software requirements for the CON.  As graduate students, there are additional requirements you will need to have access to.

Because students are expected to complete assignments during enrollment that require proficient computer skills, students who possess weak computer skills should seek extra training before the start of the program.


Students will be held accountable for information from faculty/staff distributed via official MUSC email. Once students are enrolled, students are expected to use their MUSC email when communicating with faculty and staff. This is the exclusive way that official information will be sent and received. College of Nursing faculty and staff are not permitted to communicate with students via personal email or text. It is recommended that students should check their MUSC email account daily for important information.


NetIDs provide access to computers and servers on MUSC's campus-wide network. Approximately six weeks before the beginning of the fall semester, students will receive a message that will be sent to the personal email address indicated on your application about a NetID assignment. 

Forty-eight (48) hours after you receive the first email, a second message will be sent with your password with instructions about how to activate your NetID. Once your NetID is activated, a third email will be sent that will contain information about your MUSC email account and other essential web sites. 

If you are an MUSC employee, you will use your current NetID. If you have questions, contact the NetID manager. Your NetID must be activated before orientation so that you can access Microsoft Teams, Brightspace, Life.MUSC.EDU and MyQuest.

Begin to check your MUSC email regularly once you are notified that your account has been set-up.

If you do not receive an initial email prior to enrollment, check your spam email folder. If you still do not receive an email contact NetID manager.