Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarship Notification

2022-2023 Academic Charges


For methods of payment contact, the MUSC Bursar Office/Student Accounting. Currently, there are no approved payment plans. Discover Card, American Express, and MasterCard are accepted.

Tuition invoices are available 30 days before the term's start date. Scholarships and waivers will not be posted until closer to the beginning of the term start date. If your bill is incorrect, contact the Bursar Office/Student Accounting.

Financial aid

The financial aid counselor for the College of Nursing is Sul Black. Her phone number is 843-792-8484. With more than 20 years of experience in managing Financial Aid, Sul is an expert available to assist you.

If you receive a scholarship

Scholarship support is limited, and students are encouraged to approach paying for their education through financial aid and personal contributions. Most scholarships range between $1,000 and $4,000 and are one-time only awards. Please plan as though you will be paying the full cost of your education. To be eligible for an MUSC Foundation managed scholarship, you will need a completed FAFSA on file with the Office of Financial Aid and a completed College of Nursing Scholarship Application.

The Scholarship Committee meets in late summer to make awards for the fall semester and again in late fall to make awards for the spring semester. No awards are made for the summer semester. 

  • Scholarship recipients will be notified via email
  • Scholarship amount will be applied directly to your tuition bill
  • You must acknowledge receipt of the award via a reply email
  • You must review all attachments, including the scholarship acknowledgment checklist

The scholarship checklist provides information on scholarship acceptance requirements including:

  • Instructions on writing a thank you note to the donor
  • How to submit an acceptable photo or request head-shot to be taken by the college photographer
  • Attendance at college's annual fall scholarship reception

Some donors may invite their recipient(s) out to lunch. This isn’t mandatory but is highly encouraged as it provides a stewardship opportunity for the college and the student with a networking opportunity.

If you don't follow the above requirements, you will not be considered for future scholarship opportunities as they related to MUSC Foundation managed scholarships. Your scholarship application will be removed from the applicant pool, and future applications will not be accepted.

Please allow for up to three weeks after receiving your award email for your tuition statement to reflect the added scholarship funds. If after three weeks there is an issue with your account, contact Kim Witte, assistant dean for finance and administration. You are encouraged to sign up for electronic deposit through

The cost of attendance is a guideline for students to maintain a manageable amount of student loan debt.