Student Health Requirements


All MUSC students are required to submit documentation of immunity/immunization to specific vaccine-preventable conditions prior to arrival to campus. Maintaining these high standards is done to protect the safety of the students, staff, and patients. Obtaining the appropriate documentation (immunization records, immune antibody titers, TB testing) takes time, so please, begin gathering this information now. These requirements need to be completed before students are cleared to begin semester coursework. Immunization requirements and forms can be found on the Student Health website.

You will need to upload your immunization documentation into LifeNet. Student Health will review and certify your immunizations and notify you if anything is missing. Notification of missing documentation will be sent to your Lifenet account and via your MUSC email, so you must monitor these accounts. Do not disregard these messages.

If you are required to submit paperwork to Student Health hand deliver it to:

MUSC Student Health Services
30 Bee Street – Suite 102
Charleston, SC  29425

You may also fax paper work to 843-792-2318 or email it to Chris Earl.

Students who have not completed compliance requirements prior to the deadline will not be allowed to registered for classes or be able to participate in first semester clinicals. If you miss a clinical due to failure to complete compliance requirements, you will be charged $250 for each missed clinical day.

Students who do not meet these requirements will not be enrolled in classes or allowed to attend clinical placements. All immunization compliance must be completed by no later than the deadline on your Compliance Checklist. If you are currently a MUSC employee, you must have your immunization records transferred from Employee Health Services to Student Health Services (they will not automatically do this for you).

Health Insurance

All students entering the Medical University of South Carolina are required to have health insurance in the event of illness or injury. Students who do not meet these requirements will not be enrolled in classes. MUSC offers a student health insurance plan. However, if you have an alternative health insurance policy, you may opt out of the MUSC Plan. Students will be notified about open enrollment via email. Students will be automatically billed unless they have waived out by the deadline date.

Drug Screen Test

In compliance with the affiliation agreements between the Medical University of South Carolina and practice facilities/agencies, a nine-panel drug screen test is now required for all College of Nursing students. Once notified, accepted students are welcome to walk-in to Employee Health Services located at 57 Bee Street are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Students will be given up to three hours to provide a sample but will not be able to leave the building during this time. Students will need to bring their PVID number to this appointment. 

For your convenience, students can arrange an appointment by emailing Employee Health. (Please put CON in the subject line.) An appointment time will be scheduled via email, please no phone calls. You will not be permitted to leave the testing site until the testing procedure is complete. Leaving the site will result in a “positive” test.

Upon your arrival, you will be required to provide a valid government picture ID, i.e. driver’s license or passport (an employee ID is not acceptable).

The drug screening must be completed prior to the beginning of classes. If you are an out of state student and cannot travel to campus to complete your drug screen, contact the Compliance Officer with your full name, home address, phone number, and birth date. They will send you a packet with information on where you can get your drug screen completed in your area. Be aware that you may incur the cost if you select off-campus testing, otherwise your MUSC student fees pay for this test.

A student may be taking a prescribed medication which could result in a positive screen. Clearance may require additional time. Appropriate documentation must be provided to the drug screening organization when they call you. Please be prepared to receive and respond to this phone call (usually an 800 number). They will leave a message, but you must respond promptly. Otherwise, any student who has a positive result from their nine-panel drug screen test will not be able to enroll in the MUSC College of Nursing.