E-Value is an online software system/database that is used by students to upload the following compliance forms and requirements that are required by the university and are tracked by the College of Nursing. All required compliance documentation is due to no later than December 18, 2019 and must be submitted before registering for classes, however do not upload any items into E*Value until instructions are emailed to you from Alex Evans. E*Value is also used for students to complete online evaluations for courses and instructors.  

Uploading Your Certifications

Login to E*Value using your NetID and password. From the drop-down menu of programs, choose College of Nursing Enterprise Level. On the top horizontal menu click on Home, Other Tasks, then Personal Records Requirements. Choose the item you want to update from the available list (students have varying requirements depending on program of study) and click the Pencil and Paper edit icon to the right of that item. Input the event date and, in some cases, the expiration date (i.e. CPR requires an expiration date; Severe Weather Form does not). The system knows which items require an expiration date and will not allow you to save items without one. Upload accompanying documents as an attachment (RN license, CPR card, handbook receipt, severe weather form, etc.). E*Value will automatically complete the remainder of the fields for you, including requirement and status. Click Save and you’re done. 

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

Once your BLS training is complete, scan and upload a copy of your BLS card to E*Value. All RN to BSN, ABSN, MSN, and DNP students must have a current BLS Certification while enrolled in the College of Nursing. To ensure safety, care, and professional responsibilities at clinical sites all nursing students must be BLS certified as a health care provider through one of the following organizations:

New students should provide documentation of their certification before enrolling in courses. Returning students should provide documentation at the time of recertification. Students will receive electronic notification 30 days prior to their CPR expiration date. Documentation should be uploaded into the online compliance management system. Students who do not upload current BLS certification will not be able to attend class, log in to online coursework or attend clinical.

Student Handbook Acknowledgement and Understanding Form

ALL students are required to complete and upload into the Student Handbook Acknowledgement and Understanding Form into E*Value. This indicates that you have read the MUSC College of Nursing Student Handbook and know where to access it when updates are made.

Severe Weather Form

In the event of a weather emergency, a one-stop web resource has been created for faculty, staff, and students. The page contains policies and procedures and links to outside resources. This page also has a up-to-date weather information board of a storm's status. This page will notify MUSC employees and students whether they must report to work or class.

Weather at MUSC Library offers storm tracking, weather bulletins, satellite images, radar, and emergency information.

All new College of Nursing Students must complete a Severe Weather Form prior to enrolling in courses program. The completed form must be uploaded into E*Value.

FYI, most students would complete the form with a “NO”, as most students will have time and be able to evacuate themselves in the event of a weather emergency.  Selecting “YES”, means you will be transported to a location not of your choosing and with specific limitations to when you can leave and return home.  For most students, this is not ideal.

PPD Skin Test

PPD Skin (tuberculosis) Test results should be uploaded to E*Value once you have received the final results of the test. You also will have to upload this information to LifeNet for review by Student Health.

SC Passport (Carelearning)

SC Passport is a resource that enables students to complete their clinicals in a variety of health care facilities within the state of South Carolina. These modules are separate from MUSC’s internal MyQuest modules. These modules will need to be completed upon enrollment and again the following year in order to cover you for the remainder of your time in the program. There is a $10 fee to create your account. Create a new account or re-use an existing account. Select MUSC College of Nursing as your school and write down your username and password.

You must complete the following modules within SC Passport:

  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Culturally Competent Care
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Hazard Communication
  • Lewis Blackman Patient Safety Act
  • Moving, Lifting and Repetitive Motion

The courses listed below must be added to complete this compliance requirement

  • MUSC Medical Center Orientation
  • Roper St. Francis Hospital
  • Trident Health-Clinical Documentation, Code of Conduct & Documents

Once your Passport (Carelearning) modules are completed, print your transcript as a PDF and upload the PDF transcript into E*Value.

MyQuest Compliance Modules

All College of Nursing students must complete MyQuest modules which include OSHA, HIPAA, and university students modules. You will be sent an email to your MUSC email account once these modules are available for you to complete. These modules are to be completed annually in the fall. Do not complete any MyQuest modules until you receive an email from Alex Evans that includes instructions for completing these modules (see due date on the Compliance Checklist):

  • Clery Act Training
  • Copyright Basics
  • Information Security
  • MUSC Active Shooter
  • OSHA Review
  • Plagiarism
  • Things Students Need to Know - Part I
  • Things Students Need to Know - Part II
  • Things Students Need to Know - Part III
  • University Student HIPAA
  • University Students- Serving Youth & Vulnerable Populations
  • MUSC Honor Code - Student
  • Honor Code Training
  • Explain the purpose of the Honor Code.
  • Identify potential violations of the Honor Code.
  • Explain procedures for reporting and resolving violations of the Honor Code.
  • Provide resources for accessing and consulting the Honor Code.

Once your MyQuest modules are completed, print your transcript as a PDF and upload the PDF transcript into E*Value.

All E-Value items must be uploaded by December 18, 2019.