E*Value is an online software system/database that is used by students to upload the following compliance forms and requirements that are required by the university and are tracked by the College of Nursing. All required compliance documentation is due to no later than the date listed on your compliance checklist and must be submitted before registering for classes. However, do not upload any items into E*Value until you have attended MUSC College of Nursing Mini Orientation. E*Value is also used for students to complete online evaluations for courses and instructors.  

For all items that must be uploaded to E*Value, please refer to your Undergraduate Onboarding Manual or the Accelerated BSN Compliance Page

Uploading Your Certifications

Login to E*Value using your NetID and password. From the drop-down menu of programs, choose College of Nursing Enterprise Level. On the top horizontal menu click on Home, Other Tasks, then Personal Records Requirements. Choose the item you want to update from the available list (students have varying requirements depending on program of study) and click the Pencil and Paper edit icon to the right of that item. Input the event date and, in some cases, the expiration date (i.e. CPR requires an expiration date; Severe Weather Form does not). The system knows which items require an expiration date and will not allow you to save items without one. Upload accompanying documents as an attachment (RN license, CPR card, handbook receipt, severe weather form, etc.). E*Value will automatically complete the remainder of the fields for you, including requirement and status. Click Save and you’re done.