General Detail

MUSC Email and NetIDs

The College of Nursing is committed to the dissemination of information through electronic media. Students must have access to a computer configured to use online network transmissions for electronic mail and the Internet. 

Students will be held accountable for information from faculty/staff distributed via official MUSC email. Once students are enrolled, students are expected to use their MUSC email when communicating with faculty and staff. This is the exclusive way that official information will be sent and received. College of Nursing faculty and staff are not permitted to communicate with students via personal email or text. It is recommended that students should check their MUSC email account daily for important information. 

NetIDs provide access to computers and servers on MUSC's campus-wide network. Approximately six weeks before the beginning of the fall semester, students will receive a message that will be sent to the personal email address indicated on your application about a NetID assignment. 

Forty-eight (48) hours after you receive the first email, a second message will be sent with your password with instructions about how to activate your NetID. Once your NetID is activated, a third email will be sent that will contain information about your MUSC email account and other essential web sites. 

Nursing Program Technology Requirements

Because students are expected to complete assignments during enrollment that require proficient computer skills, students who possess weak computer skills should seek extra training before the start of the program.

Students must have access to a computer configured to use online network transmissions for electronic mail and access the Internet. A laptop computer is required and must meet the College of Nursing technology requirements.

The MUSC campus supports both PC (Windows) and Macintosh (Apple) systems. Our multimedia content is optimized for Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. Students can use an iPad for much of their work, but it can not be used in every application (i.e., iPads cannot be used for testing). If you choose to use an iPad, a laptop may be available on loan for ATI testing from the Colbert Education Library

Access to broadband (cable or DSL) internet connections is necessary. Online students will need a web camera (VGA or better), headset, and microphone.

A scanner is required. (Please note: you can download scanner apps to your phone that make it easy to send documents and upload them were required.)

Please ensure that your computer has all the required hardware and software before orientation. Our IT staff will be available at specific times during new student orientation to help you get your laptop ready for classes.

During the program, students will be required to demonstrate the use of:

  • Email and the Internet
  • Word processing including use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and managing files 
  • Conduct a library search
  • Retrieve clinical information on a specific patient
  • Use audiovisual materials in a presentation, presentation graphics
  • Use a spreadsheet to enter and manipulate data
  • A scanner, laptop, printer, and fax machine

Minimum Computer Standards

The College of Nursing has required software and hardware applications. Although users may choose to use other software applications, these applications will not be supported by CON IT staff.

Students must make sure that their computer(s) meet the minimum requirements. If you are unsure or need help determining if your computer meets these requirements, an appointment can be scheduled with the IT staff in the Nursing Technology Center (NTC).

Any student who needs assistance with their laptop will be helped with any issue(s) related to school functions (i.e. Examsoft, Microsoft Office, Endnote, etc.).

Any student who does not meet the requirements will be assisted the first-time an issue occurs. If NTC staff determines that the issue is due to the student's computer not meeting policy requirements, this will be noted, the student will be responsible for upgrading or fixing the compliance issues immediately, and NO additional support will be provided by the NTC. The NTC will make a recommendation to help the student become compliant.

If a student's computer does not meet the requirements, the NTC will not loan the student a computer for use.

If a student's computer has been evaluated by the NTC staff and is in compliance within the policy, but an issue arises beyond the student's control, the NTC staff will secure a way for the student to take a computer-based test.

University Software Standards

Software standards ensure access for students, residents, fellows, and faculty to the university's education and information resources, as well as enhance communications and sharing of documents. The software standards are defined by the University Education Infrastructure Committee. Many software programs and mobile applications are available through the CON Library website.