Family Nurse Practitioner, DNP

Nurse checking a patient.

The Family Nurse Practitioner specialty track prepares the student to provide primary healthcare across the lifespan. Our innovative program ensures that you have a strong foundation in evidence-based practice and holistic wellness and prevention while ensuring the skills to provide treatment for both acute and chronic health conditions. You will engage in an intraprofessional learning environment that enables you learn about telemedicine, behavioral health, opiate and substance abuse and palliative care. Upon completion, our graduates are eligible to sit for certification through both the American Nurse Credentialing Center and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Our board certification scores consistently exceed national benchmarks and our graduates are highly regarded for employment opportunities in outpatient care settings, NP practices, clinics, physicians’ offices, specialty setting and the school environment.

Meet Your Lead Faculty, Dr. Cathy Durham

Catherine O. Durham 
Catherine O. Durham, DNP FNP
Director of Graduate Programs
Lead FNP Track
Telephone: 843-792-3585

25 years in Nursing-honestly, that is hard to believe as the time has flown but maybe that is because I started my career engaged in my passion. 

My career in Nursing began as an Bachelors prepared nurse in the Navy.  It was early on that I grew to understand that the population I served often struggled with resources, increased stress and isolation and distance from family.  I worked in critical care and took care of patients with complex health conditions and chronic disease, some related to service but much related to preventable health conditions.  I quickly understood that furthering my education was the cultural expectation of the Navy Nurse so I made the transition from being an intensive care unit nurse to pursuing my Master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I chose this route to address the idea of prevention and the impact on health and wellness as well as longevity. My other passion is teaching is and precepting teams of students. Engaging with future healthcare providers and ensuring a positive, collaborative and collegial learning environment are some of the tenants of this program and align with my teaching philosophy.  Lastly, as a DNP prepared FNP I continually evaluate patient, population and program outcomes and work with teams to understand the background, significance and cause of breakdowns in care, leadership, communication etc. It is with the DNP education and leadership skills that I continue my work leading change in healthcare-it is what you will leave our program prepared to do!

As I have navigated my career, I have stayed connected to the Military currently serving as a Navy Captain in the Reserves and balanced this with full-time practice prior to working in academia.  I currently still practice one-day per week in a free clinic that address access to care and chronic disease management for Adults. I precept students weekly and collaborate with faculty in teaching and leading DNP project work.  We look forward to having you join us partner for your professional and personal development.