Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Tonya Hazelton, CON Diversity OfficerThe college’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) team continues to ensure that our environment and culture revolve around valuing individuality, respect and a sense of belonging. The DEIB Council and Diversity and Inclusion Champions of Excellence (DICE) group are proactive about leading and implementing opportunities and initiatives that foster growth through inclusive mindsets.

Diversity and Inclusion Openness Talking Series (DOTS) participation has steadily increased, signifying that faculty and staff are united in being open as well as committed to inclusivity. The DEIB team collaborates with CON faculty, MUSC resources and community leaders to bring a variety of DEIB topics to our DOTS conversations every month as a form of education, fellowship and training. The sessions and discussions have covered a myriad of topics, such as racial passing, plantations (new neighborhoods and the past), new Sheriff Kristen Graziano’s priorities, George Floyd’s killing, the Emanuel film, the John C. Calhoun statue removal, effective allyship, the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, transgender and gender nonconforming patients, educational gerrymandering and interracial marriages.

The DEIB team knows that small efforts matter in helping people to feel included. It was exciting to host the “D&I Welcome Back to the College of Nursing,” which provided some swag and refreshments at the first fully in-person faculty and staff Assembly in over a year. Additionally, the team is partnering with other units at the college to strengthen research, student education and the onboarding process as we manifest the College of Nursing pledge to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging by promoting a high-trust, caring environment.

Tonya Hazelton, MS
CON Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Program Manager, Technology Applications Center for Healthy Lifestyles (TACHL)

Tonya Hazelton holds a master’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Management and Leadership and has worked at MUSC for over 16 years in community outreach, research and administration across the hospital and the university. In 2020, she received the President’s Values in Action Award for Respect for her Diversity and Inclusion commitment to the organization. In 2022, she completed the David J. and Kathryn Cole BRIHTE Leadership Academy, which is designed to identify and prepare high potential, diverse talent among MUSC’s current workforce.